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February 26, 2012
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You woke up to the bright sun light hitting your face in the morning. Most people would

find this relaxing, but you didn't. You found it very annoying. So like any other

reasonable person, you drew the blankets over your face. Until your dog began pulling on

your blankets, as if to say; "BITCH GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP! IF I HAVE TO BE UP, YOU DO

TOO!!" So you groaned and humored him. You sat up, ran your fingers through your (H/C)

hair, and rubbed your eyes. Then your dog, Zelda [1], began pawing at your leg as if to

say, "OKAY NOW BITCH! FEED ME!!" You sigh, "Geez you have a potty mouth don't you Zelly?"

Your dog growled and you smirked, amused. Once Zelda was taken care of, you readied for

the day. Cleaning, showering and dressing. Once everything was done, you decided to take a

walk, "Zel, I'm going to take a walk, kay? Don't burn down the house or kill anyone while

I'm gone." You gave her a wink and ran off.

~ Le Time Skip ~

Time seemed to fly by as you walked, and you seemed to walk so far, you came to a lake.

You gazed at it, the beautiful blue water gently lapping at the shore right at your feet.

You sighed in contempt until you saw someone at the dock. They were wearing something of a

green tunic and had on a green hat that had the tip hang down just below their shoulders.

They seemed to be fishing or something. You slowly and quietly walked up to them, sure not

to scared them just in case they had a fish and didn't want it to get away. Once you got

behind them, you made sure that they didn't have a fish and gently tapped them on the

shoulder. All you heard as a loud gasp and the person fishing swiftly turned around to

meet your gaze. It was a boy, a nice looking boy at that! He had decently long blonde hair

that hung messily around him out from under his hat. His big blue eyes stared at you,

probably waiting for you to explain yourself about why you practically scared him out of

his trousers. "Uhm, hello?" You forced a grin and waved lightly, hoping that he would be

friendly. The man smiled warmly and he waved back. This made you truly smile and try to

start a conversation. "So, you fishin'?" The man nodded and extended a hand, offering you

to sit by the spot by his feet. Once you sat you sat down next to you and went back to


"Have you had any luck today?" You asked, while looking around. There seemed to be no fish

on the dock around him so you just assumed he was having a hard time catching anything.

The man nodded and sighed. "What's your name?" You asked. The man looked at you, turned

back to the water and set down his fishing rod. He then went on to turn to you crossing

his legs and began to spell his name out with his fingers. You looked at him confused, you

didn't know why he was trying to spell it to you while he could just say it, and you

didn't even know what he was spelling anyway. "Uhh, guy? I can't read what you are

spelling. Heheh..."

He sighed and spelt slower. "You're name starts with an 'L'. That's all I got, ha-ha..."

The man rolled his eyes. He then narrowed his eyes as he looked around, his ocean eyes

finally landing on the sandy shore. He hopped up and grabbed your hand, dragging you along

with him. Once you both got to the shore, he kneeled down and began to write in the sand.

He was done writing and you cocked your head a little so you could read it. "Link?" you

asked, looking to him for conformation.  He nodded and smiled. His smile was kinda cute.

"Link." You smiled and asked, "So, Link, would you like to go for a walk with me?" Link

shrugged and nodded. "Great~!" You began to walk, knowing Link would follow. "Do you know

any place we could walk to?" Link nodded, took your hand and began to lead you through a

huge pathway to a pretty small village. "What are we going to do here?" Link put a finger

to his lips and winked at you. You narrowed your eyes and said, "Oookay..?" Link walked

over to one of the chickens wandering around the village; there were quite a lot of

chickens in this place, compared to how small it was. He picked up a white hen and

motioned for you to pick one up to, so you did. Then he walked up to a large hill type

ledge and grasped the chicken tightly. Once he was all done with readying himself he

jumped off the ledge! [2]

"NO!!! LINK!!" You reached out with one hand, since the other was holding the chicken

tightly to your chest, a little too late. But when you noticed Link was not falling, more

or less gliding, you watched in awe. The chicken was flapping its wings away to try to

support its weight as well as Link's to keep from falling. When Link landed, he turned to

face you from down on the ground. He was motioning for you to do the same as him. You

shook you head, "Nah, I can't do it!" Link shook his head at you and motioned again for

you to do as he did. You sighed after a while and gave in. You steadied your feet, looked

to your chicken to see how it was doing (it didn't look like it was doing well at all, but

it would just have to power through.) and once you won over an mental argument you were

having with yourself about the odds of you dying from this, you jumped into the air.

At first you were startled, and you gasped and spent the first few seconds in the air in

awe, your mouth hanging open, and eyes bulging, the works. But once you got over that, you

were wooing and hollering in joy and in excitement. "HA WOO HOO! YEAH!! HAHAHA!!" Link

smiled at your excitement, he was happy you liked flying so much.

Once you finally got on the ground, you made it a little farther than Link because you

weighed a little less. And in this case, a little goes a long way, literally. You ran to

meet Link and asked loudly, "CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN?!" Link just smiled and chuckled deeply

in his throat and nodded. "YES!!!" You ran ahead of Link to get up the hill faster. Link

just chuckled again and shook his head as he followed you, a big, goofy smiled plastered

on his face. Who knew having a friend who can't talk would be this much fun!?

My sister and I were talking, and I said I wanted to write a fan fiction that she could read and understand what was going on. (She doesn't watch Hetalia so she doesn't read my fan fictions)

And I decided to write this.

I hope everyone likes it~ :

I dedicate this writing to my sister, :iconn64owlalison: :D
I hope you like it, Pip!!

[1] So I was talking with my sister, and we found it funny to make the reader's dog's name Zelda. XD It's just a big twist!
[2] If you haven't played the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess then...GO AWAY! Only the cool kids that play on the Wii know what I'm talking about >:3 XD Just kidding, you can read it no matter if you played it or what you played it on, you just won't understand much if you haven't played it.

(If you haven't played it, I highly suggest you go played it right now. It's a really cool game~)

I don't own anything but the story.

My Facebook Page: [link] Like it please? :3
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