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May 20, 2012
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(Name) sat next to Roxas on the ledge of the building of where they lived, along with the other members of Organization 13. She kept sneaking glances of the boy from the side of her eyes but they never were satisfied, she just had to take one more look. And another. And another. And another. "Hey, uh (Name)?"

(Name)'s eyes shot over to the boy as quickly as she had heard his words. "Yeah, Roxy?"

"I told you not to call me that. Anyway, Uhm, if you were a carrot…you would be a really…nice...Carrot..?"

Roxas' face was covered in a deep blush all the way to his ears. (Name) tried with all her strength to not fan girl, but it was so hard. "Awe Roxy, Lookie! You're blushin'!!"

"Hey you two! Get inside! It's going to rain!!" Xaldin had shouted from inside.

"Yeah yeah! We'll be down in a minute!" Roxas shouted back, grumbling as he got down.

(Name) blushed.

"What's wrong?" Roxas turned to look at her from his place on the ground inside.

(Name) looked straight at him. "I'm scared. What if I get hurt?"

Roxas sighed. "It's alright, just try not to think about it."

"Buuut Roxyyyy~" (Name) whined, too afraid to do anything else.
Roxas sighed once more, "Fiine, just jump to meh- OOF!!!" Roxas was tackled to the ground by a red head. This could only be one person.

"(NAME)! Come on!! I'll catch you!!" Axel stood there, smiling like an idiot with his arms wide open.

(Name) decided right then. "Oh whatever, fuck it! Watch out!!" (Name) had pushed off of the ledge on the inside where she and Roxas had climbed up to get to the ledge outside.

"AHHH!!! UGH! OOF!!" (Name) had landed in Axels' arms rather roughly but she was fine.

Wish I could say the same for Axel. He was knocked out cold by being pushed over from the impact (Name) had from her fall. He had basically cracked his stupid head on the ground.

"(Name)! Are you okay?" Roxas ran over, fully recovered from Axel attacking him.

"Yeah, I'm alright." (Name) brushed herself off.

"I'm hungry; you want me to get you something too?"

"No, I'll just stay here till Axel wakes up. I feel bad, what if he is seriously hurt?"

"It's fine; he has a thick skull anyway…" Roxas sighed and rolled his eyes. (Name) giggled, Roxas was just such a cutie~

"I'm going to go get food now." He stated bluntly and slumped away.

(Name) wondered what got his knickers in a bunch, but decided not to force it out of him. Roxy could be so moody sometimes. "Okay, moody Mindy~" (Name) joked, resting Axels' head in her lap and stroking his hair softly. "Oh, I hope you didn't die, Axel. It's not healthy to die. Please live."

As if on cue, Axel coughed and shifted a bit, laying on his side and nuzzling (Name)'s leg. (Name) blushed a little but continued to urge Axel awake. "Come oooooon, Axel!"
(Name) whined, nudging his head lightly with her knee. When he didn't wake within the next few minutes (Name) decided to just leave him there and go find Roxas but when she got up, this made Axels' head fall to the ground with a thud, which made him wake up.

"Heyyyy (Name)! Sup?"

"I thought you died, you stupid head!!" (Name) kicked Axel in the back as he sat up and rubbed his sore head.

"OWWWW!! (NAAAAME)!! That wasn't nice…"


"Yeah, yeah I got it."

Roxas returned with a piece of toast hanging out of his mouth and another in hand, he stared at the two.

"Stop shouting. You're hurting my head…"

"Sorry Roxy.." Axel said.

"Yeah sorry…"

Roxas pouted at how close they were, (Name) right behind Axel's back as he continued to rub his head.

"Ugh why doesn't my head hurt so much?"

"Maybe your body had just gotten so sick of you being such an idiot that your brain slipped out through your ears, and this is the side effect of your now completely empty mind?"

(Name) and Axel stared at Roxas for a long time.

"Whoa man. A little too depressing for me. I'm going to take a nap, nighty night (Name)," Axel kissed the top of her head, (Name) blushed. "You two Roxy~" Axel just waved to him.


Axel just continued to casually stroll away, smiling with his hands behind his head.

Roxas grumbled something that (Name) couldn't hear.

"What was that?"

"I said, I don't see what you see in that guy…"

"What do you mean?"

Roxas groaned and lied down on the floor, hands behind his head as he glared up at the ceiling.


((Roxas: Shut up you!))

((Ceiling: Okay…))

"Roxas, what is it?" (Name) poked his stomach, urging him on with whatever was bothering him.

"I don't know why you like Axel, he is an idiot. He's reckless, immature, and annoying."

"Roxy, I thought you and Axel were friends?"

"I told you not to call me that. And we are, sort of. Love/Hate, kind of thing."

"Ah, well, of course I like Axel. We wouldn't be friends otherwise."

"I meant like like, dummy."

(Name) just sat there staring at Roxas, who refused to look at her and continued staring at the ceiling. (Name) scooted a bit closer to Roxas, who didn't seem to notice.
"Roxas, you think I have a crush on Axel?"

Roxas sat up and narrowed his eyes at (Name). "He kissed you! And you blushed! When I offered to catch you when you jumped, you jumped to him instead!! AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH OR SOMETHING?!" Roxas felt tears prick his eyes, but not ready to fall yet. He was trying to remain calm, but when it came to (Name) everything just drove him crazy.

(Name) smiled and hugged Roxas, the boy wasn't expecting this. He hugged back after a while and (Name) mumbled something in his chest.


"Roxy you need to chill your tits~" (Name) pinched where she would assume Roxas' nipple would be and ran off cackling, knowing Roxas would follow.


                                      ~ Extended Ending ~

"Yo (Name)!"

"Yeah Axel?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight…"

"Well it kinda depends on-"

"…Or do I need to walk by again? ~"

Roxas smacked Axel over the head, dipped (Name) and kissed her. As he was walking out, his arm around (Name), he smacked Axel again and said, "She's mine, tomato-head. Back off."
Heheheheheheh, I like moody Tsundere Roxy~
He sew cute <3 :iconlalalaplz:

Roxas :iconsaysplz: Am not, don't call me that~

Me :iconsaysplz: Oh whatever Roxy, you like it~

I own nothing but the story!! :3

RP Facebook (for all your RP needs :D):[link]

Preview pic is by :iconmizu-lucia:

Anyway, this was a request from my awesome friend Maddalena!!!! I hope you like it, Fratello!! :3

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